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Breaking Point Chapter 1

04/21/2022 Tags: stories

Breaking Point.

Things just never seemed to right for Carl Lance, he had a good paying job and a wife Shelly on his arm, but it always felt so hollow to him. Deep down there was a longing that he was meant to be something else, Someone else. Through his 10 year marrige these urges were played off for kinks. Shelly at first enjoyed Carol dressing up, she found the idea of pegging him exhilarating. Yet after the birth of there son Kyle, Shelly started to want a more traditional man of the house. When Kyle turned six years old, Carl just couldn't hide it anymore. One night he summoned the courage telling Shelly and Alex that his daddy Carl will now be his mommy Carol. This revelation was too much for Shelly that night she packed her bags told Alex she loved him and left. 8 years passed since that fateful day. From there on out it was always Carol and Alex, they where as close as any mother and son could be. Alex never saw Carol as anything else but his mother. With her long raven hair and ice blue eyes, femmine figure, large ample breaks and large bubble butt no one and I mean no one saw her as anything else but a total MILF.

With Carol getting a new job and Kyle starting high school the pair packed up there bags and left there home. For Carol it was a good thing to leave behind those pain memories of when Shelly left, They moved from there small town to the big city and found themselves a great apartment. She enrolled Kyle in a high school with a prestigious art program. Ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil Kyle was always sketching. His dream was to be a comic book artist and Carol though this school was his first stepping stone to achieving that. Things where going really good, that was in-tell Tre Turner took sight of Kyle. Tre was everyone's worst nightmare a 6'4 slacker that had been kicked out of more schools then would take him. He was one mean 18 year old, rumors surrounded Tre everything from he had shot someone at his last school to a spicy rumor that he had been fucking the school principal black mailing her to stay at the school and run rough shot over it. Seeing Kyle quietly sketching outside the school on his lunch break Tre decided it was time to haze the new kid and show him who the big dog was in this yard.

" What Ya drawing fag dicks?!" Tre trumpeted as he knocked the sketch pad out of Kyle's hands, to the amusement of Tre's cronies. " Hey! What the hell man. Why are you doing this?" Said Kyle with a panic in his voice. " Cuz I'm sick of pathetic little bitches like you being here. Fuck you and fuck your art" With that Tre picked up Kyle's art book and threw it into the nearest puddle. As his work was ruined tears began to fill Kyle's eyes but he held them back. " You're you're an asshole" he said with with meek voice only to be quickly met with a swinging over head right hand that floored him. " Haha you right" said Tre " But I'm no bitch go home a cry to mommy". As the group walked away Kyle frantically tried to fishing out the pages of his drawing from the puddle. His expression his soul was wrecked by moment of cruelty. Retreating home Kyle locked himself in his room, to cover up the sounds of his crying he put on an old vinyl record his mom gave him. When Carol arrived home she could hear the music rouring from outside. After fixing dinner she called Kyle down with no reply she sent him a text. Once again no reply concerned she walked up the stairs and knocked loudly on his door " Kyle honey it's time for dinner come on out and please turn down that music". The audio softened as the door opened a crack Carol could see not only the sorrow on her child's face but the black eye left by Tre's punch. " Kyle honey what happened?". Holding back tears the boy spoke " Some bully at school he hit me. Right after he wrecked my sketch book. I tried to stand up to him...". Carol wrapped her arms around her son comforting him " It's okay honey. I promise you I will get this fixed. You will not have this happen again. First thing tomorrow I'm going to talk to the principal". Hugging her son tightly she could feel her sons arms wrap around her. It was always just her and him against the world to hurt one was to hurt the other.

The following day Carol took her son to school. Pulling up to the front of the building as soon as Kyle saw Tre he ducked down in the car. Carol looked over at the bully and was shocked to see this was no kid. He was a grown man still in high school. The mother and son walked into the school passing Tre. The bullies eyes where transfixed on Carol looking her up and down. He veered at her bubble butt as she walked by saying loudly " Damn the little butch has one fine ass mom". Carol gave him no reaction and entered the school. Kyle rushed to class as Carol was greeted by the principal. Who was an attractive Latina woman " Hello you must be Ms. Lance. I'm Mrs. Gonzalez please step into my office. The two women sat down immediately Mrs. Gonzalez did her best put a positive spin on the difficult situation. " Now Ms. Lance I know why you are here, that Tre can be a handful but he is a good boy and was simply hazing. It's a common thing to happen and often will stop within the week. Think of it as a way to gain acceptance". Carol glared back at Mrs Gonzalez " With all due respect that is bull shit." Replied Carol " You are defending the actions of a man who has no business being at this school. He attacked my son and ruined his art. That's his passion. For you to defend that is reprehensible". Mrs Gonzalez once again attempted to deflect " Ms. Lance I promise you this will blow over now if you excuse me I have a meeting with the superintendent". Carol stood up and left the room she was not happy with this situation and was planning her next move as she exited the building. Looking out the window of her office Mrs. Gonzalez pondered how powerless she was in this situation. Thinking of how Tre took control of her and how she would lose her livelihood and marriage if her affair came out. Of all the photos and videos Tre had on his cell phone. Letting out a huff under her breath the broken principle mumbled " I'm sorry Carol....I really am".

Carol's head was swimming with emotions as she marched out of the school across the parking lot to her car. With her focused tunnel vision she failed to realize that Tre was following her as she went to open her car door she felt a hand wrap around her wrist " Hey you hold up a second I wanna talk to you". Shocked Carol pulled her arm free " I have nothing to say to you!" She replies with a scowl across her face. Tre then pined her up against the car " I tried this the nice way but fuck that. Here's what gonna happen bitch. I either beat your bitch ass artist son everyday or you let me get in that fat milf ass. The choice is yours". Carols heart sank at the thought of having sex with this brute but if it meant protecting her son. The only person who always had her back no matter what, that was a different story. With a deep breath she nodded. " Good Bitch now for a little collateral up front" Tre then pulled put his phone and snapped a picture of the two of them together. " Be plenty more of these. Incase you break our little arrangement". Carol didn't fight anymore she got in her car with Tre and slowly drove back to her apartment. All the while her heart felt like it was beating put of her chest. What could this awful young man have up his sleeve.

Arriving to the building Tre pulled Carol along to her apartment on the 12 floor. " Hurry up bitch get that door open." As they entered into the apartment Tre found Carol's bedroom and sat on the bed. " You know how this goes slut, do as I say and ya baby boy doesn't get hurt. So strip for daddy!". So many thoughts rushed Carol's mind but they all ended on one point. Does he know she is Trans? And what happens when he learns. Things could get bad, but this is for her son. Kyle was the only person who stood by her. Shelly wad gone her own parents disowned her. She knew she had to do this, slowly she started to unbutton the top buttons of her blouse. Tre was growing tired of waiting " Let's get this going" he stated as he pulled open the blouse having carols large full tits fall out. Tre roughly grabbed at them before he pulled his pants down reviling his large black cock " You know what to do". Carol got down on her knees and slowly started sucking the head of the cock of her sons bully. It was utterly humiliating as he wasted little time forcing his cock down her throat. " Look up bitch" rang out as Carol looked up to him seeing his phone in his hand he was taking more pictures to blackmail and control her. Carol gagged as she was vigorously face fucked by Tre, she hoped the blow job would be sufficient enough but suddenly she felt a hard spank on her ass. " Time for me to get in that pussy. Get up take that skirt off". Carol slowly got off her knees she quickly turned away as she knew Tre might see her cock poking the fabric of her skirt. With her hands shaking she dropped her skirt down. Showing her round firm ass presented in a tiny purple thong. " Next the panties", Carol sighed and looked back " Please no" she muttered " Bitch we had an agreement let me see those holes". With that Carol slid down her thing and turned around with a complete look of shame on her face as her cock was standing at attention.

Tre's eyes widened as he held his phone in his hand " wait...wait...this bitch got a dick". Carol worried for her safety but suddenly Tre started laughing " da fuck no wonder your kid is such a bitch, he got a mentality ill faggot as a mom". Hearing those words cut deep into carols soul, still she could hear the noise of photos being snapped " This is perfect you will never want this getting out Kyle's life will be hell. I ain't gay but Dat ass of your is too good to pass up. Turn around tho I don't wanna see cock floppin". Carol did as she was told she turned around and slowly lowered her big round ass onto Tre's cock. It had been so long since she had a cock in her let alone one as big as Tre's yet he was merciless, pushing his member deep into her ass. " Ride it bitch". Carol began to bounce up and down on his monster member taking every inch. Her cock throbbed as she rode " May...may I stroke my cock" she said in a submissive tone. Tre laughed " Fuck no, you ain't cumming". Suddenly Tre switched positions he bent Carol over pushed her face into the bed and grabbed both her hands putting them behind her back, so she couldn't even attempt to touch herself as he plunges his hard cock back into her tight asshole. Holding down both her arms with one hand Tre used his other to viciously spank Carol's white alabaster ass as he pounded her hole. Quickly you could see crimson hand prints on each cheek. " You my slut huh you sissy bitch tell me", Carol moaned out " Yes...yes I am". Tre was delighted this was going better then he expected and wanted to truly break the Trans milf. As he grow closer to orgasm he grew more bold in his commands " Mmm I know you hooked on my cock now bitch. What ya say we send your bitch little boy some pics?. I got his number from your phone". Carol was in a sense of panic she was doing this to protect her son but this heartless monster wanted more he wanted to break not only her but her family. This thought changed something within her, she was mad not only mad she was pissed how dare this punk kid think he could do this to people. As he continued to thrust into her laughing that awful cackle Carol bit down on her lip suddenly she pulled forward freeing his cock from her. With all the might she has coupled with all the years of abuse she experienced. All the times she felt like she had no control over her life this was her breaking point and all that fury found its way in the form of a slap across the smug face of Tre Turner.

" what the fuck!" He cried out in shock he could see the fury in Carol's eyes " I've had enough of people like you Tre. You think you can hurt people. Break them for your own entertainment. Well now it's time to see how it feels.". Grabbing Tre off the floor she quickly bent him over her knee. Pulling a pair of hand cuffs from her night stand she cuffed his hands behind his back " It's time someone shows you how to behave". With a Thunderous crack Carol's hand came down across the young hooligans ebony ass. " Ouch fucking stop you crazy whore" he pleaded but those fell on deaf ears. Again he tried " Okay I'm sorry just let me go you demented bitch". The raven haired Milf had heard enough of Tre's vulgar mouth for one day with his spanking complete she pushed Tre down to his knees, Carol's long hard cock now stood inches away from the bullies mouth " No lady you can't be serio...." but he was cut off as she pushed her cock past his lips into his mouth. Though he tried to fight it Tre knew he was stuck, all he could do is try to ride this out and hope Carol would calm down. He frantically sucked her cock, bobbing his head up and down trying to get her to finish so he could be free. ". Carol pulled her cock from his mouth pushing his face into he big full balls " Lick em" she commanded and Tre did just that he licked all around them before he was once again throated by her long cock. " You've learned quickly Tre but your humiliation isn't done yet" looking up Tre could see that Carol has his cell phone. Not only was she deleting his collateral over people but she was snapping pictures of him sucking her dick " If you don't make me cum. I'm posting these to your Instagram understand?". Tre's eyes widened and he nodded as best as he could with her cock still fucking his face. With the sensation building Carol knew she was going to cum, it would be the first orgasm she had in weeks and that thick loads target was Tre's helpless mouth. " Now I'm going to cum and you will drink down every drop!". Tre shut is eyes and left his mouth open as Carol masterbated. Jerking her long cock and rubbing the tip against Tre's tongue " Ahhh fuck" she cried out and a huge sticky load poured from her all into Tre's mouth. He made sure not a single drop spilled as he drank it down. " Good boy now here is how this is going to go. I'm keeping your cell phone here. You want it back? Tomorrow night Twlight hotel 8pm you meet me there. Got it?". " Yes ma'am " Tre replied, " Good I got one more thing for you" opening her night stand once again Tre was a gasped as Carol held a large butt plug " This is going up your ass and keep it in till tomorrow night". Helpless Tre bit down into a pillow as the Trans Milf stuffed it up his ass. After there romp Carol drove Tre back to school kicking him out of car a block away and smiling seeing him wobble around with the plug in before going to pick Kyle up from Class.

The next day was great, Kyle had a good day at school and Tre left him alone. The young man didn't know or understand why but he wasn't complaining. Instead he could furiously sketch away in his knew sketch book without fear of the school bully. At home during dinner Carol explained that she had to go out that she was going to a PTA meeting. Kyle was phased by this " If you're not too late maybe when you get back we can watch a movie.". Carol smiled " Of course we can just no horror movies". Across town Tre wobble walked over to the Twilight Hotel. He didn't know the exact time but he knew it was close to 8. He didn't know what room Carol was but could see one door half open. Entering he could see a note on the bed addressed to him. It read get naked and bend over the bed. Tre did as the note instructed, and suddenly the bathroom door opened he could see out of the corner of his eyes Carol she was stunning all dolled up and wearing sexy lace lingerie. With her hard cock poking out the top. " Good boy Tre. You want that plug out? I suppose it's time". Tre quivered as Carol slowly pulled the large plug from his ass leaving it gaping. " Perfect now you should be able to take me. Yet let's not get ahead of ourselves. First lick my asshole". Carol bent over infront of Tre and he wasted no time spreading her ass cheeks and driving his tongue into her ass making swirling configurations on it to the delight of Carol. This went on floor several minutes till with a quite meek submissive tone Tre asked " Mrs. Carol can I....can I suck you cock again". A deviant smile broke across Carol's face " Of course" turning around Tre didn't hesitate gripping his hand on the base of her cock stroking it as he worshipped her balls. Slowly making his way up the shaft to the head. Carol knew he had be watching videos learning how to do this better. He passionately sucked her cock deep throating every inch. He even crept two finger into her ass as he sucked. Carol was thrilled at just how broken in Tre had become in one day. " it's time I fuck you Tre. You are going to learn how helpless you made others feel". Tre was shivering but accepted what was going to happen " Be gentle...." he muttered as he spread his ass cheeks. Carol got behind him pushed his face down and pulled his ass up as she slowly and firmly slid her hard cock into his virgin ass. " Ohh fuck" he cooed as she trusted her hips fucking the bully like he had done to so may before. " how do you like it Tre? You like being my bitch? You like being bullied?". The young man didn't answer he just continued to take the thick cock up his ass. Carol could see that he was stroking his cock as he was fucked. " Oh no Tre you didn't let me touch myself. You can cum but only hands free with my dick in your ass. It's gonna take a long time". With his hands always in her sites Carol pounded Tre's ass in every position she could think off. Doggy, Cowboy, Missionary you name it. Each new position she could see Tre's cock throbbing it wasn't till she started to piledrive him she knew he was going to cum and best of yet he would cum in his own face. Holding on for dear life with his cock inches away from his face Tre could feel the pressure building and with each deep powerful thrust into his ass he knew it was gonna happen. With a moan he spouted " I'm gonna cum" and Carol smiled a he shot his load onto his own face. " I'm I'm done" he stated, Carol just laughed " Honey I'm not anywhere close to cumming and we don't stop till I cum in your ass". As she continued her anal blitzkrieg on Tre's ass she starting jerking off his sensitive and tender cock " Ohhhh fuck that's too much!" He yelled out but it was ignored as Carol milked another load out of Tre before unleashing her huge sticky pay off creampieing his well fucked and dominated ass. Admiring her handwork seeing her load drip from his ass Tre asked " Can we do this again?" Carol laughed " No Tre, no we can't because your a jerk but don't worry you ass will get worked out plenty". The exhausted Tre looked confused " What you mean?". Carol handed back his phone and his eyes widened " You see Tre I may of uploaded those pictures and given out this address to your principal and the others you fucked over. So not only will she be bottoming your ass but so will every other Girl, Trans and twink in a 5 block radius. Now excuse me I'm needed elsewhere". As Carol was getting dressed Mrs. Gonzalez arrived wearing a massive strapon behind her where several Trans women. A line was forming and as Tre was worked over Carol left. Driving home to go watch a movie with her son she thought she could hear Tre's moans from blocks away.